Art & Design

Art techniques and skills are taught progressively across year groups in order for pupils to build on the skills they have learnt. In doing so they develop a more rigorous understanding of art, artists and how art has contributed to history and culture.

Pupils are taught drawing, painting and sculpture skills alongside colour, pattern, texture, line, shape and form where their work is recorded in a sketchbook. Each pupil’s sketchbook travels with them through year groups demonstrating individual achievement and progress.

At Rowlatts Mead Primary pupils have had the pleasure of working alongside and observing our artist in residence, Colin Slater.  Colin has painted and developed a number of learning areas and corridors throughout the school to develop pupil’s awareness and understanding, such as Influential people through history, Once upon a time, Ancient Rome and our exciting new area Under the sea which links in with De Montfort University’s sustainability project.

Further to this, enrichment activities take place throughout the year which involve ‘The Big Draw’ and Diwali and Christmas design competitions.

Subject Leader/s

Miss A Barratt


Art and Design

In Art Year 6 have been learning about perspective, teaching the pupils to give a three dimensional feeling to a flat image. This has allowed the pupils to create the most incredible paintings of the Titanic.

Year 2 have been experimenting with colours to create shades by merging and mixing to create an African inspired sunset for their art. They then layered effects for the final piece by using stencils to create silhouettes.

In Year 3 pupils have experimented with collage.  They layered pieces of tissue paper to create a background as an aid to enhance the clarity when the pupils painted their chosen Italian landmark on top.

Design and Technology

All year groups take part in the Rowlatts Mead Primary Bake Off competition where pupils work collaboratively to research and create a cake. This year the bakers had to incorporate fruit or vegetables whilst gaining an awareness of ingredients, recipe, method, baking and decorating in a constructive but competitive way. The winners were Year 2 with their delicious lemon and courgette cake.

As part of topic year groups 2 – 5 take part in a Dragons Den competition where our pupils are encouraged to become young entrepreneurs. In class pupils research everyday problems in order to create a unique solution, they then create a product and conduct market research. Pupils gain awareness of business skills such as advertising, marketing, financial management and presenting as well as developing their speaking and interview skills. This year the winner was year 4 with the Bluetooth Toothbrush.

Year 1 have made dinosaur fossils using plaster of paris. The pupils first created a mould using plastic toy dinosaurs and sand. They then poured the mixture into the mould and waited two days before they could be excavated.