At Rowlatts Hill Primary Academy we take Computing very seriously and incorporate technology to complement our curriculum. We hope to prepare our pupils for a future in an environment which is shaped by technology. In classrooms you will find laptops, ipads, BeeBots and cameras used across the school in a cross-curricular capacity to aid the entire breadth of subjects taught. We aim to develop confident, independent learners who are able to plan, design, create, program and evaluate information through the use of technology.

From an early age, today’s children are being exposed to a wide variety of interactive media, from television to the internet, from mobiles to tablets; our children are being born into an increasingly digital world. We therefore see E-Safety as a central focus of all Computing learning and as such E-safety is taught from Foundation Stage through to Year 6 to ensure children know how to stay safe online. We begin the year with a pupil survey questioning their E-Safety knowledge, which then shapes the focus for the rest of the year. Then through assemblies, lessons and workshops delivered by the local police we survey again at the end of the year to demonstrate the progress made. To compliment this focus we have developed a strong relationship with the Leicestershire Police who come to school throughout the year to deliver talks to our parents to ensure this message is heard at home as well as at school. In past years we have held talks on Kayleigh’s Story, Digital Footprints and Breck’s Last Game and all have been well-received by our families.

This year we are fortunate to be following the Childnet Digital Leaders programme. This is a youth leadership training scheme that empowers our pupils to educate their peers about online safety. Our Digital Leaders meet weekly to work through e-learning modules to equip them with the skills to become peer mentors in school and help keep others safe online. This training sees the Digital Leaders building their knowledge base and expertise and prepares them to take a lead in the digital age.

We are very fortunate to have close links with DeMontfort University and we work closely with them across many projects. One of these projects sees student volunteers that are taking Computing courses at University come and deliver Scratch Jnr coding sessions to our Year 4, 5 and 6 pupils.

Subject Leader/s

Mr D Johnson