Design & Technology

Design and Technology enables practical problem solving, whilst drawing on subject knowledge from mathematics, science, computing and art. At Rowlatts Mead Primary, our design and technology curriculum incorporates a Dragon’s Den style competition where pupils in years 2-5 become budding entrepreneurs; creating a solution to a problem by designing, making and conducting market research. They then pitch their ideas to a panel of judges allowing them to evaluate and improve their product.

In all year, groups Design opportunities are created through topic links which allow pupils to ‘design and make’ using a wide range of materials and components.  Our children are taught to apply prior knowledge in order to evaluate their own and others products.

Design and technology is also encouraged through homework competitions in order to engage parents.

Cooking and nutrition is a fundamental part of the curriculum, as we want to instill a love of healthy eating and cooking at Rowlatts Mead Primary. Our pupils are encouraged to eat healthy options during lunch and each year group prepare dishes as part of their topic.

In addition, for enrichment we have a yearly cookery club and a ‘Bake off’ competition to improve pupils’ team work and confidence.

Year Group
Year 1


Is Leicester the best place to live?



What are the four seasons?



What do Hindus believe?


Christmas decorations

Threading  tactile wreaths

What should the 4th little pig use to build her house?



What’s growing in our garden?


Moveable Bear

Split pin mechanism

Cutting skills

How do we know dinosaurs existed?



Junk model dinosaurs

Joining junk and finishing to create a dinosaur



Are all animals the same?


Healthy sandwich

Prepare and host a tea party. Look at where food comes from.

Year 2What makes our planet extraordinary?



African Fruit Kebab

Measure and weigh ingredients

Discuss origins of fruits

Use principles of healthy eating.



African Jewellery

Design, draw, paint, beading sewing technique


Who were the Victorians?



Victorian puppet toy Slider mechanism and sawing dowel

Why do we celebrate festivals?



Christmas decorations

Threading a needle and sewing felt trees with holes


How do you know about the Great Fire of London?


Tudor Bread

Understand where food comes from.


Tudor House

Build structures, explaining how they can be made stronger, stiffer and more stable.

Why is the sun so important?



What is the Ocean?


Sea creature model


Year 3


What makes Britain Beautiful?



Stone Age to Iron Age










Extreme Earth



Construct a simple model exploring different types of tape and ways of joining


Easter decorations Threading a needle and sewing an Easter egg without holes


The Romans Invasion of Britain


Mediterranean salad

Explore where food comes from

Cut food accurately and safely



Mechanism system – lever / pulley

Year 4Industrial Revolution


Night light

Using electrical circuits

Program using scratch

South America









Design and make their own chocolate bar Explore how to make it healthier


Easter decorations Threading a needles and sewing an Easter bunny including features


Ancient Egypt


Sarcophagus / Egyptian mask

Hinge mechanism


Year 5


What makes me a good citizen?



The Vikings invasion of Britain


Viking long ship

Sawing lollipop sticks and joining with hot glue

Printing a flag





Earth and SpaceGolden Age of Islam



Interlacing different yarns or treads at right angles to form a fabric


Recipe linked to fasting

Where food comes from. How to sustain energy throughout the day.


Garbage Guts



Models that move Using wheels, axels, cams and linkages and recycled materials

Year 6How does change affect us all? (Evolution and Inheritance)



Is there fairness and justice in the world? (Titanic)


Design an outfit

Based on a given class of individuals from the titanic

Print a simple fabric design







Wartime soup recipe

Dig for victory using the allotment boxes


Anderson Shelter

Sawing and joining

Exploring materials


Make do and mend Revive and repair worn out clothes (to include sewing on a button)


What will we do when the fossil fuels run out? (Electricity)


Motorised race cars

Assemble functioning electrical circuits

Wheels and axels

Make, modify and race

Program using scratch




William Shakespeare



Subject Leader/s

Mrs R Patel


All year groups take part in the Rowlatts Hill Bake Off competition where pupils work collaboratively to research and create a cake. This year the bakers had to incorporate fruit or vegetables whilst gaining an awareness of ingredients, recipe, method, baking and decorating in a constructive but competitive way. The winners were Year 2 with their delicious lemon and courgette cake.

As part of topic year groups 2 – 5 take part in a Dragons Den competition where our pupils are encouraged to become young entrepreneurs. In class pupils research everyday problems in order to create a unique solution, they then create a product and conduct market research. Pupils gain awareness of business skills such as advertising, marketing, financial management and presenting as well as developing their speaking and interview skills. This year the winner was year 4 with the Bluetooth Toothbrush.

Year 1 have made dinosaur fossils using plaster of paris. The pupils first created a mould using plastic toy dinosaurs and sand. They then poured the mixture into the mould and waited two days before they could be excavated.