At Rowlatts Mead Primary Academy, we provide a high quality geography education, which aims to inspire children’s curiosity about the world and its people. Our creative curriculum teaches children an understanding of places and environments. Through their work in geography, children gain a deepened understanding about the make-up of their local area and compare it to other regions in the United Kingdom and the rest of the world. Children are taught to learn how to draw, interpret and follow maps and develop their skill of research, investigation, analysis and problem solving. Geography teaching inspires our children to investigate the physical world, which in turn enables them to think about the importance of issues such as sustainable development and how it affects humanity.

Teaching and learning in geography is often based through enquiry-based activities to promote independent learning. Children are given increased opportunities to formulate appropriate geographical questions, develop research skills and evaluate a range of materials to inform opinions.  These skills provide children to strengthen their understanding and skill of geographical enquiry. Children are encouraged to use geographical vocabulary to support their reasoning skills. Wherever possible, children are involved in “real” geography. Teachers use the school environment and the local area to support teaching and learning of mapping skills, physical geography and human geography.

Subject Leader/s

Miss R Modhwadia


Across school children are provided with plenty of opportunities to develop their geographical understanding. Teachers plan lessons in creative cross curricula ways to help children understand the makeup of the world around us.

Year 3 used their research, map skills and their knowledge and understanding of the climate zones to create their very own weather reports on a country of their choice using ICT.

Year 4 studied pictures to decide whether they were examples of physical or human geography. They then discussed whether they were cities or villages and made their own personal preference about where they would live.

Year 6 have used maps to plot the journey of the Titanic. They have applied their knowledge in history to understanding the location on a map.


Geography Landscape Competition:

Across school, we organise a geographical landscape competition for children and families. Children and families are expected to work collaboratively to choose, create and evaluate a wonder of the world or a geographical landscape. They are required to replicate these in a shoebox or cereal box with no limit on imagination or creativity! This is a fantastic opportunity for families to explore the wonderful world we live in and discover some its natural beauty. Every year the competition is more and more tough and its always a difficult decision in choosing the best one!