Literacy at Rowlatts Hill Primary Academy, is an engaging and exciting subject in which pupils are exposed to a range of high quality novels, picture books and non-fiction texts. All Literacy teaching across the school uses the local authorities’ ‘Writing Project Approach’ to ensure that our children have regular opportunities to read and write across a range of text types and to ensure that they are developing a rich and varied vocabulary. This programme incorporates a range of strategies that enable our children to see writing as a means of expression and communication. A high standard of spoken language underpins all of our Literacy teaching and we are constantly striving to develop our children’s speaking and listening skills.

In EYFS and KS1, the Read, Write, Inc Phonics programme, alongside a book rich curriculum, is used to develop our children’s spoken, reading and writing skills. In KS2, children take part in a daily spelling, handwriting and grammar session before they begin their novel based work. We are very proud of the fact that our children are exposed to a large range of superb novels and picture books during their time with us. Within Literacy, children write across a range of text types including: narratives, explanations, descriptions, debates, reports and summaries. Purpose and audience is a key element of our teaching as well as the Alan Peat sentence continuum, which we use to support our children with sentence structure and to ensure that they become engaging and interesting writers.

Alongside our novel based curriculum, Accelerated Reader is used to ensure our pupils are reading appropriate books that challenge and engage them. Our mission at Rowlatts Hill is to ensure that we create a generation of life long readers!

Outside of our Literacy lessons, we also teach discreet phonics, spelling, handwriting and reading.

Subject Leader/s

Miss J Hubbard