Religious Education

At Rowlatts Mead Primary Academy, we believe that Religious Education is an integral part of our curriculum as it provides our pupils with opportunities to enhance their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. To ensure all pupils are offered a broad and balanced curriculum for Religious Education, we follow the Agreed Syllabus designed by the Local Authority (Leicester City).

The units taught are based around a question and cover the key themes outlined in the syllabus, aiming to support pupils to develop positive attitudes of respect towards people of all faiths and none. This allows pupils to share their experiences and learn from one another about the religions and beliefs in our community. To achieve the aforementioned, we aim to invite a variety of religious speakers, from our local community to share their beliefs and traditions with the pupils, and provide opportunities for pupils to ask questions to build on their understanding.

Throughout the key stages, pupils learn about many different faiths including Christianity, Sikhism, Hinduisms and Islam. As we are a school of diverse faiths, we also ensure that we celebrate some of the major festivals that take place throughout the academic year including Diwali, Eid, Christmas, Easter and Vaisakhi. Coinciding with this, every year group across the school visits a place of worship throughout the year to gain a first-hand experience and deepen their knowledge and understanding of each faith.

Our pupils highly benefit from such experiences by developing a sense of respect and understanding for our diverse community which we feel is an important part of our school ethos.


Year GroupQuestion Based Units
Year 1Who is a Hindu and what do they believe?

Where do I belong? What do I believe?

Who is a Christian and what do they believe?

What makes some places special?

Year 2What do I believe?

Can we find the meaning of the symbols?

Who celebrates what and why?

Why is a place of worship special?

Year 3How does a Christian celebrate Christmas?

Values- What matters most?

Creation and green issues

Who inspires me?

Year 4What are the deeper meanings of the festivals?

How is new life welcomed into the world?

Religious signs and symbols

Who is my neighbour?

Year 5What does it mean to be a Muslim?

What can we learn from religions about temptations and finding your way through the moral maze?

What will make our city a more peaceful place?

What happens when we die?

Year 6How does a Christian follow Jesus?

What can we learn from Sikhs, Muslims and Christians?

The Journey of life: What is so special about marriage?

Justice and poverty: can religions help to build a fair world and make poverty history?




Subject Leader/s

Miss S Creed