At Rowlatts Mead Primary Academy, we believe Physical Education and Sport is an essential part of a pupil’s educational and social development. Therefore, we aim to provide a balanced program offering a variety of opportunities to develop a broad assortment of life skills including collaboration, confidence and competition. Through Physical Education and Sport, we also aim to encourage pupils to leady healthy, active lifestyles.

Our pupils have access to two hours of Physical Education per week – through which we develop the six areas of activity agreeing to the National Curriculum – Gymnastics, Games, Dance, Athletics, Swimming and Outdoor Adventure Activities. Progression is evident within and through the year groups across the school.

Pupils are taught a range of sports including: dance, football, basketball, gymnastics, netball, tag rugby, kwik cricket, badminton, tennis, swimming and athletics. Sports covered within school are actively discussed with the pupils who are at the forefront of any decisions. All pupils at Rowlatts Mead are encouraged to attend Sports Clubs. Additionally, pupils are also encouraged to represent the school through inter or intra school competition.

We at Rowlatts, we aim to provide the pupils with a range of different experiences. Therefore, we frequently have outside agencies coming into school to work closely with pupils. Such agencies work in conjunction with the class teachers to deliver, plan and coach pupils and staff alike. Some of these agencies include: Leicester Tigers, Leicester Riders, Leicester City Football Club, Leicester Foxes, Leicester Badminton and also DMU Moving Together. Such CPD experiences from outside agencies, combined with the in house CPD delivered by the Physical Education Leads has resulted in an increased in staff confidence in the delivery of Physical Education.

Subject Policies/Plans

Subject Leader:

Mr D Johnson


As a school, we pride ourselves on developing students understanding, confidence and ability in a range of sports. We aim to give each child the opportunity to represent the school within sport.


Students have been developing their Basketball skills within PE. They have shown progression of the required skills within their respective year group and development of such skills as they move through the school. Within the unit, students have been taught the importance of communication, teamwork, leadership and resilience. The above has prepared students to partake in competitive fixtures such as the Gateway Basketball Tournaments and the Leicester Riders Tournament.

Throughout the academic year, students from Years 1-6 have received high-quality dance teaching by the ‘Moving Together Programme’. This has supported students to increase their confidence, ability and enjoyment in dance. Progression is evident within their respective year group and development of such skills as they move through the school. Skills developed by the students are then used for performance purposes and towards the Intra-School Just Dance Competition.


Across the year, students are given the opportunity to develop their football skills through the extra-curricular clubs. Many skills associated with football are taught and the progression of such skills are evident. There is a strong focus on the growth of characteristics including resilience, communication, teamwork and leadership. All students are frequently given the opportunity and encouragement to represent the school in competitive fixtures and tournaments. The TMET Premier Football League is a cross-trust league we are participating in this academic year with our year 5 and 6 children.

This academic year, students within Key Stage Two have been taught Netball. Within this unit of PE students have been taught various skills which have been developed within respective year groups. Students have been taught the importance of communication, teamwork, leadership and resilience. All the aforementioned skills and characteristics have allowed students to participate in competitive fixtures including the SSPAN and Trust Netball Tournaments.

Throughout the first term, students were taught Badminton. Year Five were fortunate enough to have a specialist coach to instruct the students and develop the teachers CPD. This coupled with in-house CPD allowed teachers and students to develop their skills within this area of PE. As a result, a group of students were selected to represent the school at the Leicestershire Badminton Tournament. This allowed children to showcase the skills they had been taught and learnt.

Cross Country
As part of our extracurricular opportunities, students were given the opportunity to develop their understanding and skills of Cross Country. Over a six-week period, students gained an insight into the importance of exercise and how this impacts upon their overall wellbeing. Also, students were taught a range of skills and techniques to improve their performance within Cross Country. These students competed in the Leicester City Schools Cross Country Festival held at Knighton Park.

Multi Sports

In Key Stage One, students are exposed to a variety of sports in both PE Lessons and as extra-curricular clubs. They develop many personable skills such as teamwork, communication, resilience and leadership. The students are encouraged to draw from different physical skills gained in each stage of their school life. Such skills are then used for the children to participate in a variety of events across the academic year including City KS1 Sports Festivals and Trust Festivals.


Students are taught skills associated with Gymnastics from Foundation through Key Stage One and into Key Stage Two. From the early foundations of movement in Foundation, students progress to more complex movement patterns and the formulation of routines in Key Stage One and Two. By Year 5 and 6 students are expected to create, perform and analyse routines. Opportunities for extracurricular activity and competition are given to students to showcase their skills.

Tag Rugby

Throughout this academic year, students from Year 5 have been privileged to have a coach from Leicester Tigers work alongside the class teacher to deliver Tag Ruby. Both staff and students have increased their understanding, confidence and ability in the sport. There has been definite progression from the start to end of the programme whereby students were chosen to represent the school at a Leicester Tigers Tag Rugby Competition.


We are fortunate at Rowlatts’ to have an incredible skipping coach – Henry. Across the academic year, all children will be coached by him twice. The children are excited to take part in learning how to skip for fitness and learn new tricks with their ropes.