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We are aware you have not yet received your vouchers. I cannot say when it is going to happen as this is all being processed by a DfE appointed agent, not the school. The agent says it will have been done by the weekend but I can see that the web site is not currently working. Please just keep an eye on your emails and hopefully it will all come through sometime very soon. Sorry we can’t be any more help than that at this moment. We are relying on another source to deliver this project. If we receive an update we will let you all know.



Check your emails on the 9th of April for the FSM vouchers to cover the 2 week Easter holidays. Read the instructions in the email to redeem the voucher.

Key points to remember:

  • The vouchers expire after one month, on 9th May 2020
  • You can only buy food and groceries with the vouchers
  • You will get an email for EACH child individually, so make sure you redeem a voucher for EACH child at Rowlatts.




The new DfE Free School Meal scheme kicks in this week (for and during the Easter Holidays). Families have been texted and WEDUC messaged about this today (6th April 2020).

If you have supplied us with an email address you will receive your voucher by email this week. Those who have not given us an email will receive theirs via the post, which may take slightly longer. You will receive a voucher for £15 per week for each child at the school. On this occasion, we will send vouchers codes to cover for two weeks.  Remember to use the voucher as the code expires after 1 month.

You will only be permitted to spend the voucher on food and groceries.

Click the link above to answer any questions you may have regarding the new DfE Meal scheme.


Mr Penton



Message also sent out via WEDUC on Weds 25th March

Dear Parent or Carer

Information for children who have a valid Free School Meal Voucher

We have been investigating the best way to provide families with children eligible for Free School Meals with supermarket vouchers.  Last week we sent you a Tesco gift card however following recent government advice we will now be issuing you with an electronic voucher for the value of £2.30 per day per child which is £11.50 per week during term time and including the Easter holidays.

You will receive either a text message later this week asking you to select a supermarket; either Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Morrisons or Asda.  Please click the link and select your desired supermarket.  A voucher will then be provided to you which can be used in store or on-line.

As we move more towards electronic communication, can I please remind parents to let us know if you do change your email address or mobile number and you can do so by calling the main school phone number between the hours of 9.00am and 3.00pm.

It is also worth reminding parents that the school will not contact you and ask for your bank account details so please make sure you keep these secure at all times. Our main method of communication will either be via the school website, our social media site, our usual texting service or email. (to be adapted by each school)

We will continue to monitor whether the government will start a national scheme to support you in providing meals for your children through supermarket or shop vouchers.  If there are no updates then we will issue you with a further voucher by Friday, 17th April to cover week commencing 20th April.

Kind regards

Rowlatts Mead Primary





Our School Lunchtime runs from 12.00pm to 1pm (for Foundation Stage and KS1) and 12.15pm to 1pm for Key stage 2.

We always encourage a healthy eating mentality which includes school provided and packed lunches. Importantly, we do not allow own provided lunches with unhealthy options. So, please do not send your child in with take-away food, fizzy drinks or an abundance of crisps, chocolates or sweets. Try sending them in with a sandwich, some fruit, a yogurt and water to given them a balanced lunch.

Our school has a NUT FREE POLICY, so please do not send food containing any nuts.


As the school has its own kitchens we can provide your child with a hot and freshly cooked meal each day. Lunches cost £2.00 daily (£10.00 per week).

There are several choices of meal each day, including vegetarian options for children who either do not eat meat or might only eat Halal or kosher meat.

All paid lunches must be paid for the week prior to the delivery of the meal. Our kitchens need to order specific quantities of food in advance to avoid wastage and therefore we cannot provide meals for children who decide ‘on the day’ to have a hot meal.

Lunches are served on a four week cycle to avoid repetition and a copy of the current  menus are available in the rack outside the school office.

Children may choose to bring in their own food for lunch if this best meets their requirements. Please bear in mind though that as a school with ‘Healthy School’ status we do insist that packed lunches are healthy and balanced. We do not allow fizzy drinks and strongly recommend limiting your child’s crisps/chocolate and other unhealthy options. A sandwich/cob with a drink and some fruit would be just perfect. For ideas on packed lunches for your child go to the following address:

Please ensure that you never send a child into school with food containing nuts as we have a number of children with severe nut allergies. 


Each meal provided by the school costs £2.00 per day and is payable online. We are now a cashless school.

To set up an online account please visit the school office and we can give you a unique code to log into the payment system. Feel free to ask us for support if you need any help with this process.

The website to log into for making payments is https://www.scopay.com

Free School Meals

Depending on your personal circumstances you may be entitled to free school meals. To find out if you are eligible for free school meals, call the City Council on 0116 252 7009 and they will advise you regarding a claim.


Milk is provided for all children under 5 years of age and children receiving Free School Meals. There is no cost for this

Fruit Scheme

Free fruit is also provided for all children in the Nursery, Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1

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